what a proud dreamhorse pulling (smoothloomingly)through
(stepp)this(ing) crazily seething of this
raving city screamingly street wonderful

flowers And o the Light thrown by Them opens

sharp holes in dark places paints eyes touches hands with new-
ness and these startled whats are a (piercing clothes thoughts kiss
-ing wishes bodies)squirm-of-frightened shy are whichs small
its hungry for Is for Love Spring thirsty for happens
only and beautiful
                   there is a ragged beside the who limps
man crying silence upward
                         ---to have tasted Beautiful to have known
Only to have smelled Happens---skip dance kids hop point at
red blue yellow violet white orange green-

    o what a proud dreamhorse moving (whose feet
almost walk air).  now who stops.  Smiles.he

home, james