that melancholy

fellow'll play
his handorgan
until you say

"i want a fortune"

.At which (smiling) he stops:
& pick
ing up a magical stick

this dingy cage: then with a ghost

's rainfaint windthin
no-voice sobcries

"paw? lee"

--- whereupon out (SlO
wLy) steps (to 
mount the wand) a by no
means almost

white morethanPerson; who

(riding through space 
to diminutive this
opened drawer) tweak

S with brutebeak

one fatal faded (pinkish or
yellowish maybe) piece
of pitiful paper ---
but now, as Mr bowling Cockatoo

proffers the meaning of the stars

14th st dis (because my tears
are full of eyes) appears. Because
only the truest thing always

are true because they can't be true

home, james