rosetree, rosetree
--- you're a song to see: whose
all (you're a sight to sing)
poems are opening,
as if an earth was
playing at birthdays

each (a wish no
bigger than) in roguish
am of fragrance
dances a honeydunce;
whilring's a frantic
struts a pedantic

proud or humble,
equally they're welcome
--- as if the humble proud
youngest bud testified
"giving (and giving
only) is living"

worlds of prose mind
utterly beyond is
brief that how infinite
(deeply immediate
fleet and profound this)
beautiful kindness

sweet such (past can's
every can't) immensest
mysteries contradict
a deathful realm of fact
--- by their precision
evolving vision

dreamtree, truthtree
tree of jubilee: with
aeons of (trivial
merely) existence, all
when may not measure
a now of your treasure

blithe each shameless
gaiety of blossom 
--- blissfully nonchalant
wise and each ignorant
gladness --- unteaches
what despair preaches

myriad wonder
people of a person;
joyful your any new
(every more only you)
most emanation
creates creation

lovetree! least the
rose alive must three, must 
four and (to quite become
nothing) five times, proclaim
fate isn't fatal
--- a heart each her petal

home, james