i say no world

can hold a you
shall see the not
and why but
stood within his steam be-
ginning and
began to sing all
here is hands machine no

good too quick i know this
suit you pay
a store too
much yes what
too much o much cheap
me i work i know i say i have
not any
no vacation here

is hands is work since i am
born is good
but there this cheap this suit too
quick no suit there every
nothing i
say the
world not fit
you)he is

not(i say the world
yes any world is much
too not quite big enough to
hold one tiny this with
more than
most how

pregnant one fearless
one good yes
completely kind
mindheart one true one generous child-
-god one eager
souldoll one
unsellable not buyable alive
one i say human being)one

home, james